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USA - Cedar Falls, IA


I'm Andrijana Brkic

I’m a self made, professional tennis player.
Since the age of 4, tennis has been my unwavering passion.
I love sports, positive energy and living a healthy life style. 
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A little about me

Thanks for stopping by. For the past 18+ years, I’ve invested in myself through the use of only the best ingredients and workouts in order to be #1.
I have won important championships versus some of the top European and American competitors. Recently, I joined the University of Northern Iowa [UNI], where I'm proud to be part of a great sportsmanship team that continues building everyday.
I have been committed and 100% dedicated to success.

I have an incredible work ethic, which has proven a valuable asset in my career. I believe that in order to be the best you have to beat the best by working more than everyone else in every aspect of the game.
With a positive spirit and energetic character, the sky is the limit!

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Gold medal
Winner of #1st place Championship in 189 tournaments.
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August 2020 – May 2024

University of Northern Iowa

As a recognized and accomplished European female tennis player, I have received an official invitation to join UNI Panthers. Where I used every given opportunity to stand out and show true champion qualities.

The college immediately recognized my capabilities and potential, setting me up to conquer the hardest and toughest challenges. The team that has been working with me on my agility, coordination, strength, and conditioning, helping me to increase my overall performance to the whole new level.

Currently I'm feeling at the top of my Game and at the beginning of my Prime.

Accomplishments of Andrijana Brkic

#1 Ranked in Europe - Serbia.


Winner of Championships with perfect undisputed record.
Holder of Championship Ring in Sam Houston, Texas.
Winner of Conference Championship in April 2020 Sam Houston. Texas.
- European Tennis Association -
Winner of Championship Tournament Finale League (ETA - Tennis Europe) in Slovenia.
TSS Champion 1st place - Undefeated.

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March 2015 – August 2020

Step up to the next Level

It's ON!!  Game - Set - Match!
As she was growing, she was paying closer attention to all little details mainly including her training, diet and rest. 

Always 100% Focused.

Andrijana kept writing her diary in order to keep better track of her rapidly growing progress. All with the intention to figure out what works best for her.

Today she has found her perfect everyday workout routine, balanced diet and various ways to recuperate, rest and recover.

September 2008– March 2015

Winning European Top Competitions

Andrijana Brkic started her tennis career at the age of 4.

She is known and recognized for her dedication to win, obsession with the sport and strong belief and bond with God Almighty.

Andrijana walks the path and has no fear. Her remaining humble even in her greatest moments continues to visibly drive people's attention.

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tennis baby
December 2001 –  September 2008

The Birth of a Champion

Andrijana Brkic came to this world in the winter of December 2001, from mother Tatjana and father Aleksandar. Her place of birth is Belgrade, Serbia.

Mother Tatjana almost died that night in a hospital giving her birth.
Andrijana was Born.

The moment she was brought to this world, father Aleksandar (Champion in Judo- Black Belt) accomplished and respected sportsman of his own, had a plan for his daughter that she would one day become the World Champion in tennis. According to his own words his dream for Andrijana was to "Win everything that could possibly be won".

Since her birth, Andrijana Brkic has never stopped working towards accomplishing all of her dreams, which soon will become a reality.

For the Win